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Scanning and Printing
Do you have an old photo that you would like to make a copy of that no longer has the negative where you can find it? How about a digital file that you would like to have a nice print of?
On a limited basis and as time allows, I can scan and color correct your old, faded photo (or negatives or slides, for that matter, any size) and make prints up to 16". The same goes for digital files with some restrictions, I probably won't be able to make an exhibition quality 16x20 from your cellphone camera picture but you may be amazed at what I can do.
I'm not up for doing full restorations of badly damaged photos but can make a big improvement on a photo that is faded and has just plain seen better days plus I will give it the same care and quality as if it were my own work.
The price will be determined by the project but will likely be in line with what you would pay elsewhere, with the difference being the end results. Send me an email and let's get started!